So just who is the person looking thru the glass? -Stacey

I received my first camera for Christmas 1984. It was a brand new gold and black Kodak Disc camera. The problem back then was you only had 15 shots to take and then you had to mail the disc off to get processed. I remember looking forward to getting the jason_atv-december-1984_20170106_0001yellow and red Kodak package back from New York. I still have some of the photos in an album here on the shelf. I took lots of pictures that Christmas of the tree, of friends who stopped by to see our gifts, and of my brother Jason riding his new Powerwheels ATV. The camera did fine in great lighting, but even with a flash it created terribly grainy photos indoors or at night.

I have used my share of 35mm, 110mm, and many digital cameras – from early point and shoots to DLSRs. Today, I shoot with a Canon Rebel T1i and a Canon 5D Mark III. I like the quality of the Canon, the way they feel in my hand, and the similarities in their menus across all levels. I am a firm believer that its the person behind the glass that makes a great photo, not the gear itself.

Deep down, I think I am tied to Canon because of memories of my Dad. I remember my Dad having a Canon film camera. It was probably along the size of the Canon 5D. He had a million lenses to go with it. Looking back, I am guessing he had no clue what to do with half the gear he owned. He just wanted a lens that would take a clear night-time photo of the moon over Cadillac Mountain. And boy, do we have plenty of photos from almost every year we went to Maine that showcased his determination to get that perfect moon photo.

ridgely-raptors-4-24-16-70-of-84I consider myself an amateur photographer. Depending where I am – work or home – I am capturing landscapes, fruits and vegetables at the farmers’ markets, a farmer’s crop coming in from the field to photos of my son and his teammates out on the baseball field, my daughter playing, our German Shepherd doing his thing, or my time¬†at the shore. I am always learning something new.