March 27, 2017: Today’s prompt was about taking the time to listen. The example given today was a picture of a beautiful old violin. Being surrounded by musicians in my family, I figured this would be an easy photo to take, except my trombonist had three teeth removed today. So I decided to listen throughout the day to see if anything else caught my attention.

During my afternoon walk with Krash, I decided to check on our fruit trees. Upon examination, our plum trees had gotten hit by the frost earlier this month. The blossoms were brown and limp. As I got closer to the peach trees though, I heard music to my ears. It sounded like a large “buzz.” I looked up and saw honey bees actively working to pollinate the flowers. I ran inside to get my husband’s Sony Cyber-Shot to get a closeup of our hardworking pollinators.

Bees pollinating peach trees



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