February 5, 2017: How often do we drive by signs on our daily route only to pay them no heed? This sign sits on our property to remind others of the nasty curve that follows it.sign

My husband has begged me to allow him to plant a tree that will block our line of sight, so that we don’t have to look at this sign anymore. Every time he asks, my response is the same: I love the view in front of our house, why would I want to block it with some ugly leyland cypress or an arborvitae?

Interestingly enough, there is no sign coming the other direction warning drivers of the same curve. To me, that seems like it would be more important than this direction. On a nice spring afternoon a few years ago, my whole family had sat down in our dining room for a celebratory meal. As we began to eat, I looked out our dining room window to see a car coming from the right flip into the air and land upside down in the ditch of the corn field.  My brother and brother-in-law ran out with their cloth napkins in hand to rescue the relatively new teen driver, as I stayed behind to call 911. Being a little distracted and with no sign to warn him, the teen took the curve way to fast, causing his car to go airborne. Luckily for him, he escaped with minor injuries.

So perhaps the real reason for leaving this sign uncovered is to be able to watch for the next unprepared driver who takes this curve a little too fast.



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