February 2, 2017: Everyone was busy today taking notice that Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter. This cracks me up that people will listen to a groundhog predicting the weather when he only has an accuracy of 33%. Plus, no matter if he see’s his shadow or not, Spring will arrive on March 20th. Krash saw his shadow this morning as well, but his weather predicting has not been studied yet.

What we do know is that it’s hard not to notice this 90 pound German Shepherd when he decides he wants something. As I shared yesterday, he has gotten a taste for the gourmet jelly beans that Annie has been eating. She filled up her ramekin and brought it up to the window seat tonight to sit and eat. With that nose of his, Krash sniffed them out and was demanding that Annie give some to him. His determination to get this jelly bean did not go unnoticed by either her or myself.




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