January 31, 2017: Today’s theme is about balance or perhaps the lack thereof.

Since tonight is Krash’s obedience school night, I was cutting up hot dogs, chicken, and cold cuts. The smells were overwhelming and all he wanted was to eat his treats. One count against us on trying to do a balance trick.


I know that Krash has no patience waiting for treats, so we decided early on that this was a two person task. I would place the treat on the bridge of his nose while Annie snapped the photo with my phone or vice versa.

wp-image-1612481781jpg.jpgWe tried over and over again, but Krash didn’t listen to “wait” or “leave it.” He ate it. We even tried a Ritz cracker at one point, but it didn’t matter which treat we used, the result was the same. Annie and I got a chuckle with this one trial, when he got so overwhelmed with  the scent of food, he could no longer balance on four paws and fell over.



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