January 29, 2017: I had to laugh when the description this morning suggested finding a red contrastbarn to depict contrast in a photo. I am instantly drawn to old red barns to photograph, but not every farm has one of these. The other thing is I photograph farms and rural life as part of my job. So if there was one thing I was going to stay away from on this prompt…it was a red barn.

I decided to use the sky as my background and look up for something to depict contrast. I have also been working on really exposing for the brightest part of my picture. Sometimes I will take 10 shots before I am really happy with contrast-2the exposure. The other change that has helped me in creating a better photo – or saving it if I need to – is shooting on RAW. What a difference! I have also been coming off of aperture mode more often and shooting manual. It takes some thinking about how to handle each scene, but I have found I understand what settings should be used when.



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