My Neighborhood 

January 20, 2017: My prompt today was to photograph my neighborhood. Well that is a little difficult. I live in a rural area where my one neighbor is 6 acres away, the other is 20 acres away, and the ones in back or front of me are more than 200 acres away. Depending on the time of year, I am surrounded by fields of corn, soybeans, wheat or barley. There are more broiler chickens where I live than there are people.

While we might live miles away from others, rural communities are tight knit. We come together when one of our own needs help. Farmers will stop harvesting their own crops to help harvest another farmer’s who has fallen sick or been injured. We come together to support families who are sitting at their loved ones deathbed and we support those who are welcoming new ones into the world. We pray, we cook, we run errands, and rally around each other in times of need.

I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else than rural America.



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