January 16, 2017: The quiet before the storm. In our home, that is the hour before my husband gets home from work. Once he gets home, the house gets very busy with dinner prep, kids setting the table, the dog greeting him at the garage door wanting to go out and play, and getting ready for the next day. The other thing that occurs when he comes home is that every single light in the house is turned on.

I decided to take this picture looking in through my dining room window. It is just after 5 o’clock. You can see my¬†daughter’s hand as she works on a craft at the island. The tv is off and my son has not made his way down to the kitchen yet. As I was working on this very time-sensitive picture, my husband came in the driveway from work. I heard him come in and ask the kids why is it so dark in here? Let’s turn on some lights! I had to quickly yell in, I am taking a picture, please don’t touch a thing.



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