January 15, 2017: I have been working on this green baby blanket for a long time. I would start it for this baby or that baby and always put it down. I would wind up making a different blanket instead – one that had pink or purple or blue in it. But last summer when I found out that my sister-in-law and my brother were expecting, I decided this would be their new baby’s blanket. They also made it easy for me to stick with the green, they refused to find out what the sex of the baby was going to be. So I am working very diligently to finish this blanket nownow

Jason and Julie took this photo tonight at their last meal as a family of two. I thought that was pretty neat that they could take this time before their new bundle would arrive. Following dinner, they headed over to the hospital to get induced. People have been hounding them for texts, calls, pictures, and entrance into the hospital to watch this whole birthing process. I have been so proud of them throughout this that they were able to say, “No.” They promised everyone that they would catch up with them all later, but this is an experience that they wanted to do on their own as husband and wife, soon to be father and mother. Now, that is special.

Have you ever chosen to let now be more important than what the crowd wanted you to do? How has that now moment enriched your life?




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