2017 365 project_blog-5.jpgJanuary 9, 2017: Playing a game is about having fun, family time, and bonding. Our new favorite game in the house is Monopoly Ultimate Banking. If you dislike Monopoly due to having to count money or keeping up with all the houses and hotels, then this game is for you. It is all done with the swipe of a debit card and the scanner does all the math and recordkeeping for you.

I have to admit I took this photo before the end of 2016 when my kids’ grandparents came to visit and play with all their Christmas presents. They played for nearly an hour before the game ended with someone going bankrupt. What I think is cool about this picture is no one is paying attention to me, they are deeply involved in the game. My father-in-law is thinking carefully about strategy since he doesn’t believe in “letting” kids win. You can also see how well Kyle is doing with the property deeds in his hand.


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