Minty White

January 7, 2017: Today’s photo was supposed to reflect winter, candy, or chalk to give a challenge of exposing correctly for white on white. I had my Lifesavers all set to go and was waiting until the kids went to bed to start working on my photo.

As I was thinking how I would tackle the photo – exposure, ISO, shutter speed, etc. – I got a big knock on the back door. On my way over to answer the door, I could see Annie looking very cold, wet from snow, and not too happy. But, when I opened the door I said, “stay right there, don’t move, I’ve gotta get my camera.”  Luckily, she obliged and was even sort of smiling when I got back because I was so crazy to want to photograph her at her worst.

After snapping three photos, I brought her in to dry her face and hear her tale of woe. While teaching snowboarding lessons to her imaginary class of bunny slopers, she the instructor, had face-planted.



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