January 4, 2017: Overlooked

Today’s prompt was something that might not be noticed, inconspicuous, a detail…something overlooked.

In today’s world, so much is done through technology. It can really loose that personal touch. Having grown up writing thank you notes for every gift I received, I have instilled this same practice in my children. I constantly remind them that if a loved one or friend can take the time to pick out a gift, than the least they can do is take the time to write a thank you note. Those that receive the thank you notes are pleasantly surprised and often share how it made their day.

So how do you teach the art of writing thank you notes? When they were youngsters, I would have them tell me what they got and what they liked and wrote it for them. As they got into elementary, I put a short letter up on the board with blanks for them to fill in, depending on the giver and what they liked about a gift. For my son, who is now in middle school, I expect him to write the note himself and I will address the envelopes.

In fact, this picture was taken after I read his notes to Gams and his Great-Aunt Jo. Without any help, he had written a nice paragraph to each that was really personal and related to each gift, showing me he had mastered the art of writing thank you notes at age 12.



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