One Word: Laundry

January 2, 2017: Following along with Capture Your 365, today’s prompt is “one word” to become a goal of mine. I chose laundry.

I hate laundry. It seems to just multiply in my house with 2 kids and a husband. I never remember my mother complaining about doing it, but I also don’t remember all of us making as much as my family does now. I thought about it a lot and perhaps it’s because I grew with a water bill and my husband and kids have grown up on a well. As kids, we wore things multiple days. Heck, jeans always feel better after they are worn a day anyways.

So my goals related to laundry are:

  1. to teach my children to do more of their own laundry;
  2. have them realize they can wear their pjs and jeans more than once; and
  3. to not let this room get so overwhelming by doing a load a day.



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