A hungry dog does not lead to good results when a balance trick requires patience.


Bare Trees

If you are willing to get up before the sun rises and stay until an hour after is has risen, you will be rewarded.


I have broken away from what I know well and have started shooting in manual mode.


I don’t need a fortune cookie to tell me that my good fortune comes from the love within this house.

Dried Flowers

If you just persevere with the ugliness that stays throughout winter, you will be rewarded with more beauty in the spring and summer than you had the year prior.

What’s for Dinner?

What is your go to dinner for crazy nights transporting kids to sports and events?


Don’t take your toothbrush for granted.


Keeping reading material on my nightstand makes it accessible.


As parents, we are given a blank slate to love and mold into the future.


This can only mean one thing – I am getting ready to have a teenager on my hands.